Custom Cable and Connector Assembly Services

At AMPOTEL - Custom Cable China (CCC), we are happy to help our customers to assemble their custom cables and connectors. The connectors and/or cables can be provided by the customers. Or, for customer's convenience, we can also help source specified components as required. For special applications, we are also willing to help design and build custom cable/connector solution that meets special requirements. To design and/or build custom cable and connector solution, the following questions will be usually asked:-

  • What is the cable specification, e.g. how many wire(s), wire AWG (American Wire Gauge) no., no. of strands per wire, outer diameter (OD), what is the shield material and what is the insulator material, etc.?
  • What is the connector specification, e.g. what is the type, straight or angled, how many pins, what is the mating cycles expected, requires stress relief or not, etc.?
  • What is the pin assignment, e.g. GND arrangement, shielding, etc.?
  • Do you need any special certification or approval for the cables or connectors, e.g. RoHS-compliant, CE certification, UL safety approval, etc.?
  • Any special requirement, e.g. IP rating test, fire resistant or flame retardant material, Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen (LSZH or LSOH), etc.?
  • Any performance test requirement, e.g. EMC/EMI, data rate, signal-to-noise ratio, etc.?

At AMPOTEL - Custom Cable China (CCC), we will strive to provide the best quality cable and connector assembly service at a reasonable cost. We are also happy to help our customer to develop unique solution if this is needed.

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Other Sourcing Business

At AMPOTEL - Custom Cable China (CCC), we are also helping our customers in many other aspects other than providing custom cable or custom connector solutions. For examples, we also provide souring services for customers on other parts, e.g. electronic and electrical components, PCB, power supply units (PSUs), etc. If you also have other requirement in your project, please feel free to discuss with us. Our company has an extensive network in regions within China and we trust that our expertise shall be always capable of finding a suitable solution for you.

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