Case Studies

We help our customers deliver quality custom cable at a reasonable cost. We accept international orders and we ship orders worldwide. Below is a list of only a very small number of projects we previously did with our customers. We hope we could impress you and please feel free to contact us for discussion of your specific requirement.

1. Custom HDMI cable/connector solution for LED screens

Custom Cable HDMI Cable Female Male Connectors Our customer was facing a difficulty finding a suitable cable/connector solution for its new generation rental LED screens. The cable/connector solution has to be very light in weight, occupying small footprint, featuring a high mating cycle (say >5,000 times in its application life cycle), consisting of multiple twisted pairs with proper shielding for high rate of data transmission. We, at Custom Cable China (CCC), after understanding the customer’s requirement has proposed a customized HDMI cable/connector solution to address this customer’s special application need. The outcome of this project was a cable system comprising short HMDI cables (each 20cm long; for daisy chaining individual LED tiles) and long HDMI cables (each 5m long; for connecting the every first LED tiles in rows to the system’s controller boxes). We, at Custom Cable China (CCC), also helped providing customized HDMI hub PCB and custom-built chassis to the customer. The customer was very happy with the proposed solution and they have finally integrated our solution in its product series. The entire system has been running in the field reliably and it received a high level of appreciation from the field servicing engineers as the custom HDMI cable/connector solution has brought a lot of convenience to them. Specially, the HDMI cable/connector solution provides a very secure connectivity within the system and they are very friendly in terms of field installation and servicing.

2. Custom cable for a mobile communication docking station

ITT Cannon Crimp Pin and Crimp Socket Custom Cable and Connector Despite a mobile communication application, a physical connectivity is still required at docking stations for many reasons. This physical connectivity is important for routine battery re-charge, high rate off-line data transfer and regular security handshake - just to name a few examples. At Custom Cable China (CCC), we adopted an ITT Cannon connectivity solution and provided a custom-made total cable solution to meet our customer’s need. The resultant connectivity system included a custom bundle of wires, consisting of a few shielded twisted pairs along with other thick conductive wires in a single cable loom.

3. Hybrid connectors for video screen products

3pin Power 9pin Data Hybrid Custom Cable and Connectors Traditionally, cable and connector solutions for power and data are rather two distinct entities. They are usually separately considered and managed. The result of this separation is proven to be far from ideal and has resulted in much cumbersome cable management. By adopting this innovative power and data hybrid connector/cable solution, the physical number of cables can be reduced by half and the labor which is required to manage cables at the field can also be greatly reduced. This is especially true if your product is intended for rental use. Our custom cable / connector solution is fully tested before shipment. They are with CE certificates in IP rating and safety design. If required, UL safety approved version can be arranged.

4. Custom-made cable for six (6) twisted-pair data communication with stress relief at both ends

>Custom Made Six 6 Twisted Pair Cable with Stress Relief and its Tooling Our customer found us from an Internet search and that he was looking for a supplier who have an immediate stock of six (6) twisted pairs cable. The customer was not just looking for cable supply only. They also wanted to have some modification with the cables, e.g. making a custom length of the whole cable, having custom lengths for the wires at the ends, etc. Since the customer would use the cable to connect between two equipment boxes, we also helped to introduce the stress relief feature at both ends of the cable. To this end, we created an injection mould tooling for a new suitable stress relief part. We needed the new tooling because the outer diameter of the six (6) twisted pairs cable is slightly different from the standard four (4) twisted pairs (network) cable. This example demonstrated that beyond cable supply, we are also capable of providing complete cable solution. The customer has provided a nice cable drawing to us and then they received the required quantity of cables within a very short period of time. "It looks great!", the customer reacted upon receiving the cables.

5. DIN-rail (top-hat rail) Cable and Terminal Block Pre-assembly Work

DIN DIN-rail (top-hat rail) Cable and Terminal Block Pre-assembly Work Our customer is a leading LED screen producer which designs, manufactures screens on behalf of a few well-known leading brand names. Their screens are mechanically and electronically highly engineered and are with the industry's highest standard and performance. We, Custom Cable China (CCC), are proud of being a vendor of choice for providing custom cable solution in one of the customer's key project. It was very nice to work with this customer because their engineers were very professional and were very clear about what they really required. However, the most difficult part of this project was about the timeline. From sourcing parts to complete assembly, we only have a few weeks’ time. These pre-assembled cables and terminal blocks mounted on DIN-rail (top-hat rail) were to be installed in hundreds of pre-fabricated aluminium cabinets. In order to accommodate the customer's tight delivery schedule, our products must arrive before any of its sub-components. Hence, our delivery time was extremely tight among any other parts. The complete assembly was individually packed in a plastic bag and was shipped to the field. The customer was very happy receiving them and, by pre-assembly arrangement, the customer had saved many hours of technician's field work time. Mostly importantly, the customer had finished the project on time.

6. Custom Coaxial Cable (100mm2; 100 square-millimetre; cross section area)

Custom Coaxial Cable (100mm2; 100 square-millimetre; cross section area) Coaxial cable (or coax) is an electrical cable with an inner conductor surrounded by a flexible, tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. They are usually small in overall diameter and are used for radio frequency (RF) transmission. Our customer, however, requires a highly specialised coaxial cable for its very special application (as a crucial component of an industrial large-scale induction heater). The requirement is to have a coaxial cable that can carry high tension, high ampere electricity at moderate high frequency. The coaxial cable also have to be moderately flexible (to bend) to allow it to run through corners of a machine. At Custom Cable China (CCC), we provided an optimised custom cable solution that could nicely accommodate various constraints while giving the most acceptable product characteristics, including low cost, smallest outer diameter, largest possible conductor size, minimum bending radius, etc.

7. Armoured Cat5e Ethernet Network Cable for High Security Premises

Armoured Cat5e Ethernet Network Cable for High Security Premises Our customer is a leading security solution provider in South Africa. The customer's project was involving establishment of hundreds of cameras and emergency call buttons across a high security environment. In its system design, it involved components which requires temper-proof feature including the cabling part. The customer contacted us and enquired an urgent delivery of armoured Cat5e Ethernet network cable as well as armoured distribution fiber optic cables. We, Custom Cable China (CCC), offered an complete solution to the customer and we delivered in a very short time. We also became a partner of the customer to help coordinate its various shipments because its system also required other components to be shipped from China.

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